Learn How to responde when people say no!- in 3 easy Steps !

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3 easy Steps to remain Assertive!!

Here we will know,

  • How we behave when we disappointed.
  • How to responde when people say no!- or remain Assertive!!

We are all disappointed at some point in our lives. for instance, Sometime time people say no to our offer. (with or without any reason)

We can respond this situation in several ways.

yes, we can face this by being assertive, being angry or by giving up the situation. but what should we do ?

Now, know 3 steps for How to responde when people say no!Anaglyph-me

1st step: Motivate yourself – by knowing Why we should behave assertively:

Assertive behavior is more helpful than other behaviors like- being angry, lose confident, look for revenge or give up.  being assertive involve lot of work like knowing your thoughts in your mind and changing if needed. but its worth doing for a long term benefits for sure. so motivate yourself do below things to have a better self esteem.

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2 nd Step: Recognize unhelpful thoughts. Why we can not be assertive -a number of unhelpful thoughts can be happened  when we  are dealing with disappointment. we have to recognize them. as every body is diffrent. you can write your negative thoughts in a list.  for instance,

  • They should know I don’t like it when they do that.
  • The world is terrible, I can’t bear this.
  • That person is bad.
  • I can’t accept that person for being like that.
  • I can’t tolerate this.
  • so on…

3 rd Step: Change the unhelpful thought into helpful thought. or  What should be more helpful thinking for being assertive-

below there are some more helpful and assertive thoughts to be adopted are given below .

  • It is undesirable to be treated unfairly, but it is not awful.
  • I can stand this hurt and frustration and I can do something about the situation.
  • I accept how the other person is. They may have been rejecting one aspect of my behaviour not me as a whole person.
  • It is best to openly express my feelings; the consequences may not be as bad as I think.
  • so on ..

You may like to visit self esteem home page from ‘How to responde when people say no!- in 3 easy Steps !’ article page.

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