Very important movie….it will effect your self esteem and health

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Very important movie….it will effect your self esteem and health

At self esteem tips we focus a lot on tips and tactics to help you improve your inner self.
Another huge component to our well being and overall mood is health which is effected by nutrition.

Todays topic is addressing the health and wellness component.

A friend forwarded me this short email below and it is
eye opening! Please respond to this post with your thoughts.

If you care about your health and your family please read below.


I recently watch a documentary called
“Forks Over Knives.” It’s about food, specifically
the largest study of humans in the history of the
world — 880 million Chinese took part.

What they found:

If you want to turn ON the cancer in the human
body… then eat meat.

If you want to turn OFF cancer and reverse cancer
in the human body… eat water-rich vegetable based

I highly recommend watching this. It’s available
as “watch it now’ on Netflix and Amazon prime.

#2. I also watched this film called “Genetic
Rouletter.” (see link below.) It’s about also about
food, but specifically Genetically Modified food.

Phenomenal film. It’s an eye-opener to the hard
scientific facts about the dangers of eating genetically
modified food.

These days GMOs are in just about every processed food
that isn’t labeled organic, and also in some foods
like zucchini, corn, soybeans, alfalfa and milk.

Here’s the link to view the entire film:





Julie at self esteem tips

PS: I am not pushing any sort of agenda here.
Merely passing along two superb documentaries that
I thought you’d enjoy.

Thank you for looking at  the self esteem posts on our blog because it does help people with self development, self confidence , and building self esteem all in one!

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