How to Overcome Depression or Sadness By Being Active

How to Overcome Depression or Sadness By Being Active

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here you will know, how to overcome depression naturally by being active.  you may know, as when one is in depression he or she reduce his or her activity level specially pleasurable activities .

One way to combat our depression is to simply increase our activity level, especially pleasurable activities which are reachable and realistic.. .

by the way,

About 20% of the population experience major depression,

and Common depression symptoms are

now, How being active can help you ?

  • It will help you to feel better
  • It will help you to feel less tired.
  • it will help you  to think more clearly.

General Tips: how to be more active .. and how to set achievable goals

  • you might not experience the same level of pleasure doing an activity as when you were not

depressed.  But don’t stop  .. Keep going. It will help you long run to get better.

  • Start with small steps and slowly build yourself up to the large tasks . If you set your goals too

high, you might end up not doing them, become disappointed in yourself, and feel worse than

  • it is easier to aim to do a task for a set period of time rather than trying to achieve a set amount . Say,  if you plan  to  spend 10 minutes weeding the garden rather aiming to weed a certain area. ..then it will more achievable goal.

Depression Worksheet Download area How to Overcome Depression or Sadness By Being Active

Worksheets to Overcome Depression :

  • you can use these worksheets which will help you to be more active easily.
  • there you will find list of  activities in worksheet 3 and you need to BALANCE both responsibilities and pleasurable activities .
  • plan your activities for the coming week.  Use the worksheet 4 for that

Download worksheets here

Controlling Depression by being Active – Total worksheets 5 to download click in the link

[jbox color="red" title="caution!!"] ..these worksheets require some works from your part ..and it will work well for little to medium depressed person.

for sever depression .. don’t recommend it as only option or treatment. Along with main treatment or therapy it can be good helping tool to accelerate your recovery. for farther help you can visit to therapist


Video: Expert tips to Overcoming Depression

Vibrancy Coach Elle Swan discusses how to overcome depression.

  1. Be aware of  isolation . avoid isolation
  2. Feelings are signal -
  3. Don’t compare yourself with others
  4. have some hope :  as long you are breathing you have hope .


these above article can be first step to remove your depression but its just scratch in the surface ..  you can get more about it in our future post .. so keep in touch. Don’t suffer in silence and do something about it. ..

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Future post

we will know, how you can overcome depression by controlling your thoughts in details

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