Self esteem Affirmations!!

Hi Lusi! i have just learned something weird! can you imagine, Research has found that we have about 50,000 thoughts a day and Research has also shown that for most people 80% self esteem affirmations imageof those thoughts are negative.

Hi Karal- yes for sure ! When we are not aware of our thoughts, we tend to be negative.and it may cause a nasty spiral downward too.

But don’t worry, our positive thoughts are hundred time powerful than our negative thoughts!  and we can consciously change those  thoughts by changing our daily activities…like being conscious what are we saying and thinking.

Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we keep saying and thinking about, and eventually will attract corresponding events and situations into our life depending on our thoughts and words, regardless of whether they are good or bad for you. This is why we must choose our statements and thoughts carefully.

we can change our thoughts and words by affirmation , meditation, hypnosis so on. And among all the tools probably affirmations or positive statements are the most simple to use.

For instance,  if one have negative self thought or image about himself or herself.  he or she can be benefited by using self esteem affirmations to boost his or her self esteem

As we are all unique,- our affirmations may not be same for all. We need to chose our affirmations according to our needs..But below you can get a idea of  self esteem affirmations ……

we can use affirmations to improve in other areas of our life too. Beside self esteem affirmation there are lot other affirmations which can be used for our self improvements.

for instance ……..

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Some Self esteem affirmations

I have sky-high self-esteem
I believe in myself
You have a positive outlook on life

I am self-confident
I am a high achiever
I can do anything I set my mind to

You are worthy
I love myself
I live each day with passion

You are Awesome
I can achieve anything
I approve of myself and feel great

What I believe in I achieve
I value myself
You deserve to be happy

I look people in the eyes
I am a worthwhile person
I am worth all my hearts desires


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