Self Image Affirmations- to improve ones body image!!

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Here you will see some affirmations to improve ones self body-image. But  these affirmations are just some examples.  you can use the below affirmations or you can chose your own..

Example of Self Image Affirmations are-

You are wonderful just the way you are
My body is a beautiful temple that houses my spirit
I will treat my body with love and respect

I possess beauty and strength
I am secure
I am at one with my body

My figure is a gift from God
You are a unique child of God
I treat myself with respect

I shower my body with positive messages
I accept and embrace myself
My body has its’ own strength and grace

I am blessed with many talents
I look at the beauty life has to offer
I am full of joy and happiness

You are worthy and deserving of care and attention
I am a caring person and loved by many
My body is beautiful, and I love and nurture it

My smile accentuates my beauty
I deserve the love of others
I see the wonderful person I am

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