How low self esteem is maintained and its solutions

How low self esteem is maintained and its solutions

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How our negative core beliefs remain alive and active in our day to day life

We already discussed about how our present and past life experiences have big impact on our present self esteem in my another article. And now, here you will know- how our negative core beliefs remain alive and active in our day to day life . and know one of the low self esteem solutions .

Why should you read this article?

Yes, it is might also be discouraging, because unfortunately we cannot change our past.

But the good news is, if you know the details of how things are happening on daily basis, you can work on changing them.You can change the negative views you have developed about yourself.

This means that if you can commit yourself to making the effort in addressing your unhelpful thinking and unhelpful behavior from day to day. Then you will start to see yourself in a better light and treat yourself more kindly. And this way things can be different and you can overcome your low self-esteem.

Hopefully ,our worksheets and articles will help you in this journey.

Now, Lets start to know about how things are happening on daily basis

  • Low self-esteem is maintained by:

- The way we process information in our environment (eg., our attention and interpretation)
- The restricting behavior our unhelpful rules and assumptions generate (eg., no opportunity to put negative core beliefs to the test)
- Our responses in ‘At-Risk Situations’ (eg., biased expectations and negative self-evaluations)

  • ‘At-Risk Situations’- when our self made unhelpful rules or assumption are at risk of being

broken or are broken outright – negative core beliefs and dormant low self esteem become activated.

  • Then this active negative belief  lead you to either expect that things will not turn out well (eg.,which is kind of  biased expectations) or become highly critical of yourself (eg., negative self evaluations).

Both types of thoughts  are unhelpful for you and will  lead you to have dysfunctional feeling and behaviours.

  • The unhelpful thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that are generated from ‘At-Risk Situations’ confirm your negative view of yourself and keep it alive. Therefore, these responses maintain your negative beliefs about yourself over the long term.

One of the Low self esteem Solutions: How to get rid of  this low self esteem cycle?

Get rid of  low self esteem involves addressing the above factors in your daily life . for your convenience, you can read a  case study  - where you will know, how Jhon  solved his  low self esteem problem by doing a simple worksheet.

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