What is self esteem? and How to draw the line between Positive self-esteem and Arrogance?

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Here you will know about some most common questions. Most common and basic questions readers ask about self esteem are - What is Self Esteem? What Is Self Esteems Role In Our Daily Lives? Where do we can draw the line between positive self-esteem and arrogance? lets start with the first question.

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First question- What is self esteem?^

As human beings, we have the ability to not only be aware of ourselves but also to place a value or a measure of worth to ourselves or aspects of ourselves. And self esteem refers to how we place a value or a measure our worth. In other word-

  • how any one values himself or herself
  • Or what is his self image is.
  • How he view and think about himself or herself in general.

What is self esteem According to Wikipedia ?-

Answer: in psychology, self-esteem reflects a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth.

Second question- What Is Self Esteem’s Role In Our Daily Lives?^

Having ample level of self esteem will help us be decisive and be confident enough to deal with other people and take risks with new things. It can propel us to be adventurous enough but a high level of self esteem may sometimes come off as arrogance or over confidence for many people.[poll id="10"]

Self esteem affects how we behave towards ourselves and other people. It can also affect how successful you can be in life. What is self esteem’s role in our lives? It dictates how confident we are in facing life in general and the challenges it brings us.

Some facts from Wikipedia^

Can Over self esteem lead to superiority complexes?^

Self-esteem can also lead to superiority complexes, wherein arrogant individuals feel no qualms about abusing someone they consider inferior. This, Baumeister argues, is the case with psychopaths or has been the case with groups such as the Nazis.

Domestic violence: is it has any relation with low self esteem?^

Self-esteem issues also arise in studies of domestic abuse. Husbands who abuse their wives usually came from less affluent backgrounds, had poorer education or earned less money than their wives; they used violence as a way to assert their superiority and put their “uppity” wives in their place. Another study found that men who earned high academic qualifications but had poor careers were exceptionally violent as a group, perhaps because they were frustrated their lives didn’t reflect their high opinions of themselves. By contrast, men who had poor education but nonetheless had very successful careers were six times less likely than average to be abusive

Third question- Where do we can draw the line between positive self-esteem and arrogance?^

You already knew what self esteem is. One’s Self esteem is personal value placed by oneself but one’s arrogance is comparative value of a person. Or in simpler word arrogant person thinks he is better than other person. Obviously  positive self esteem is positive but arrogance is negative for any person.

now you may want to go from what is self esteem page to self esteem tips home page for more  self esteem articles.

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