Free Self Esteem Worksheets For Kids

Free Self Esteem Worksheets For Kids

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These Free Self Esteem Worksheets For Kids- can be a

  • great source of fun and tool to  boost self-esteem in your kids.
  • In addition, parents  or teachers will be able to know their child’s self-esteem level .
  • we develop our self esteem in our early ages and these worksheets will  help our kids to have a good base for self esteem and to become more  self confident  in their  future
  • teachers can introduce  self esteem worksheets or similar self development activities in the classroom environment to help as many kids possible.

you can get self esteem worksheets  free here…

as a community we all can make difference with our small efforts . without any doubt , this  kind of worksheets  will  help our children.

One of the Sample worksheets for kidsfree self esteem worksheets sample picture


Few kids self esteem worksheets- click here to download

wait … want more

For all other re printable  self-esteem worksheets >>Click here<<

Using tips  of self esteem worksheets for kids

  • kids need to use these  free  self esteem worksheets with the supervision of  his or her parent or teacher.
  • its better to use those worksheets when they are quite  and have some free time. These worksheets can be used in class room arena too.
  • just print them as many as  needed .. and then use those worksheets

7 Worksheets For Children are :

  • 1st/2nd graders: Describe yourself (pdf format)
  • 1st/2nd graders: Draw yourself (pdf format)
  • 3rd/4th graders: When I am with my Parents (pdf format)
  • 5th/6th graders: Me and My Parents (pdf format)
  • 1st/2nd graders:Draw a Picture (pdf format)
  • 3rd/4th graders: 1 Task that can Bring Fun (pdf format)
  • 5th/6th graders: Your Day Long Activities (pdf format)

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For all re printable  Worksheets >>Click here<< (there are about 38 worksheets for kids and grown ups)

By the way,  What is your experience with these worksheets, when your kids used those?

do you have any suggestion about these worksheets?

feel free to comment in below comment section …

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  • Free printable kid worksheets on feelings.
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    1. Need free worksheets for therapeutic work with children ages 5-10

    2. @Nancy Howland
      hi thank you for your feed back .. soon i will publish new therapeutic worksheets for kids. Take care.

    3. Thanks for your suggestions for self esteem activities ! You know what, the activities you suggested are ordinary ones, but people do disregard them—not knowing how much those ordinary activities that take a few minutes of time, are actually giant canopies to get self-esteem.

    4. Please send me free worksheets for Kid Self esteem, self image, feelings more.

      Thanks guys

    5. Please send me free worksheets for Kid Self esteem, self image, feelings more. Thanks!!!!

    6. Hi i will try to make more worksheets for kids. please do wait ..

    7. Hi there,

      I work with children and would really love some of these worksheets! They look great!

    8. I would love to take a look at your worksheets

    9. nadia franklin

      I work with At risk youth and am interested in receiving worksheets.

    10. Hi, i would love some of these self esteem worksheets, thanks!!

    11. I would like the free worksheets for kids.

    12. hi im working with vulnerable yp at secondary school age i would love some of these worksheets please

    13. Can you mail me the worksheets please.
      they look really good. Thanks

    14. Starting psycho-ed groups and these could be useful…could you please e-mail them to me?

    15. working with primary school children who could benefit from ththe worksheets

    16. working with primary children who will benefit from the worksheets

    17. Please send me kids self etseem worksheets


    18. Working with children & these look useful. Please send me free worksheets.

      Thank you!

    19. working with primary children who will benefit from the worksheets

    20. Interested in these worksheets as I work with youth. Please e-mail to me. Much appreciated

    21. i work with children grade 4-6 and would love some self esteem building work sheets .. thanks :)

      • @Tracy , @Tammy @ Carla @Margie @Ryan @ SHAJEN MUTTATH
        thank you for your interest in worksheets, i will send the worksheet to your email soon . keep up the good work.. take care.

    22. Hiradb, I have 19 2nd graders and would like to use the worksheets, please email to me.


    23. Hello, I’m teaching a fourth grade class about self-esteem. If you could please email me both worksheet pdfs?

    24. hello… i m working with 9th standard kids in a samll town in india, here gender biasness play a vital role in buildingone’s self esteem.. plz help me by sending worksheet… waiting… thanks.


    1. Symptoms of extremely low self esteem | low self esteem problem | self esteem tips
    2. Welcome | self esteem tips

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