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“A Collection Of  32 Bedtime Stories That Inspire And Educate Our Young.”

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My 6-year-old nephew like these bed time stories when her mom read to her. And she waits for her story time. Those can be the perfect bed time bad time stories for your kids too. You may know story can be one of the best tools for your kids self esteem. You can read more in my article.

These kid’s stories are hand picked by Dr Daryl Grant mother of two children. She basically collected these books for her children.

These stories will enlighten your child through fun. Your kids will get discover the meaning and wisdom behind the story all by themselves!. And they will love it.

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These books are appropriate For:^

Children between 5 and 11 years of age.

Pros and Cons:^



1. Good collection: You don’t have to think about the quality of these books.  (It is hard to know which books are best for your child before you buy and read.. yes). To know the list you can visit .

2. But, even if  we know the list of stories, it is hard to find all in one bookstore or buying from different book stores.

3. Low price: 32 Books for 19 dollar only. Its good deal because usually 32 books will cost you far more than nineteen dollar.

4. Guarantee: You are guaranteed to get money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days.


You need to print out the books after download. (It’s not necessary to print all together) You can print whichever you select to share with your kids. And print as many copies of stories as you want

Price & Visiting link:^

19 dollar for 32 books

Visiting link To know more>>^

By The way, yes, there are lot other story books for our kids…. but What are your kids favorite story books? and how do you feel about those stories in those books?  You can share below with other readers….:)

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