Top 10 Tips For Your Kids Self Esteem!! (Part-1/2)

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1. Have a routine for your kids

When your kids have a routine, he or she doesn’t need to wonder about the next things. Your child will be able to think about new things or focus on learning new skills like learning walk or solve a puzzle.These will give them more self esteem.

Say, every night, you give your baby a clean bath,read a story book, sing a song and then turn off the light. Your kids will know and will be habituated with the new routine without wondering what will be happened every single time. Bathroom reading

2. Praise your Child but be careful when doing This

When your kids accomplish something, you should praise them and it will increase their self esteem.But

•  When you praise them be specific. This means, don’t say well done for all his effort but say specifically what part of his work has impressed you.

Say your child brings his or her beautiful drawing of a flower to you. If you say ‘your drawing is cool’ he will not know what you are thinking or saying. Because it’s not specific or he can not relate with it or understand properly.

But when you tell something like, ‘hummm.. I like the color choice for your flower’. He will know what you are impressed of his work specifically. He will be proud of his or her ability.

• Don’t praise too much it will give them unreal view about their ability.

5. Allow your kids to make decisions

Allow your kids to make decisions (I m not saying about every decisions).

When you allow them to make decisions for some extend, they will gain confidence on their judgments from their early age. This will increase their self esteem for sure.

For example, you should not ask your Three year old daughter, what she like to have for dinner or lunch. But ask her ‘do you want to have bread with peanut butter or pasta’ . She will know she have some options and mummy have some choices too.

3. Motivate your Child

Every little task is hard for your child, even if, it is event like walking or eating. This is why your kid need your encouragement.

Say your kids are learning walking and normally when they start walking they stumble a lot. … Right.

Whenever they stumble you should encourage by telling them to keep trying until they learn the new skill. Tell them ‘you are almost done’, or ‘you are so close’ or other similar words.

This type of practice will boost your kids self esteem.

4. Meeting your kids needs:

When you taking care of your kids for their most of their need,  he or she is worth while to take care of or important. This will increase their self worth or self esteem.

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By the way, i would like to know….What are you going to do with these ideas ? …if you like to apply or already applying those ideas  how are you using or going to use these ideas? . and what is your experience after using these ideas ? .. you can share below

Coming soon: Top 10 Tips For Kids Self Esteem!! (Part-2/2) will be published soon

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