Ways To Developing posivitive self esteem in seniors

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The first step to developing positive self esteem in seniors or any individual is to accept or remember some

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fact like-

We suffer because we feel attached to something, some situation. If anything against our wanted situation happened – we try to resist that situation and then we focus on what we do not want  for ourselves.

we all know – In general, all the bad feelings come from thinking what we don’t want. So whenever you are feeling bad you will know for sure you are thinking something what you don’t want .

Say you are feeling bad about some situation or about  yourself-

#1 way to develop posative self esteem in seniors or any person

Asking  questions  to yourself  … ” what if  question “  instead of “why question” – for instance,  don’t ask “why i am suffering” or “why i am like that”. so on .  when we are going through low self esteem we become negative.. our mind become uncontrolled .at this time our auto  suggestion seems false  to our mind .  our mind seems working against us or our own will.

what are those “what if questions”….

what  if , this out of control or unwanted situation become wanted one…

say you feel afraid in front of authority figure say in front of  your boss-

in this case you will ask some as if question like

  • what i will do if i am brave in front of my boss ..
  • what i will think ...if i am brave in front of my boss ..
  • what i will say .to me  and him …if i am brave in front of my boss ..
  • what will be my body language..if i am brave in front of my boss ..
  • what benefit will bring if you can do well in this unwanted situation. or if i am brave in front of my boss ..

when you can ask these above questions…. your mind will be change its negative thinking process..will forced to think some thing good about your self .  this stuff work for sure you can try it

#2 nd way –

you should not resist what are you are thinking about yourself  when you are feeling bad about yourself ….. yes I know it is insane to hear at first but effective , you should observe your negative thoughts  without any agenda or any desire to change thinking…

this will reduce the power of that disfunctional feeling or thinking and then you should focus on what you want for yourself . you can try this for yourself – you will feel good.

caution : this second stuff  is more effective but takes time and lot of practice. or ..  meditation.

Low self esteem generally is a manifestation of having doubts about your own abilities and in such situations your mind will constantly be screaming at you to STOP. However, in order to develop self esteem, you need to be strong enough to tell you that you are in fact capable of succeeding and in fact, when you set out to do something, and then you will do a better job than someone else.

Another useful tip with regard to developing posivitive self esteem in seniors is to consider yourself a winner rather than a loser because that will make you feel great and thus bolster your self esteem. In fact, if you regularly tell yourself that you are a winner, soon you will come to believe this and thus you will have taken an important step in developing posivitive self esteem in seniors.

As a matter of fact, developing posivitive self esteem in seniors can be made a lot simpler by simply trying and consciously stopping yourself from thinking negatively and so from the time that you wake up in the morning till you turn in for the night, you must think positively and banish all negative thoughts from your mind.

Some other simple steps that you can take with regard to developing posivitive self esteem in seniors include discovering your real self, knowing just what you can succeed at and what will make you fail and in addition, you need to also learn to take responsibility for your own actions.

Other ways of developing posivitive self esteem in seniors include learning to turn anxiety into positive thinking, learning to turn mistakes into opportunities for further self-improvement and making it a point to be in the company of those who bring the best out of you rather than hanging around with those who make you do the wrong things.

Lastly, developing posivitive self esteem in seniors takes changing in thinking and acting process. so it involved lot of affort but it is possible..one last word don’t forget to take professional help or online therapy if you feel needed.

you may like to go “self esteem incrising site” home page form “Ways To Developing posivitive self esteem in seniors” page

Recommendations to rise self esteem in seniors

In addition to providing Articles or Tips.  we highly recommend following thing to consider  for having a good self esteem-

do have a daily routine with small goals

do meditation daily.

do physical exercise like walking ,breathing.  and so on

subcribe if you like our self esteem articles  and give comment or feedback .you are always welcome here   and with your journey for better self esteem and betterlife.

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