6 worksheets on self esteem in module-2

6 worksheets on self esteem in module-2

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here you will get 6 free worksheets on self esteem and we can find out  how we develop low self esteem and we become its prisoner . this is second module of free self esteem worksheet.it worksheets-on-self-esteem-image2will  help us to find  out .

  • the causes of our  low self esteem
  • how we get negative belief
  • what kind of rules and assumption we have ..
  • and how these rules are guiding our behavior
  • how we  become prisoner of low self esteem’

these worksheets on self esteem is given for practical purposes. as it is important to know how anyone  develop low self esteem in the first place to do something about it. i hope you will be benefited when you do complete these worksheet. yes it is true that, to complete the worksheet you need to give some time .please do it. we know every thing has its price.

below there are worksheets on self esteem- these are

#2.0 self esteem Worksheets – helping tool or informative fact sheets on causes of low self esteem’ .

This worksheet will help us to have a good view on some fact about ’causes of low self esteem’ in us. Use It as helping informative tool.

#2.1 self esteem Worksheet – Find out – if our past experiences are one of the reasons for our low self esteem.

one of the sample worksheetsself esteem worksheetsthis worksheet will help you to find out- if your  past experience (in adolescent or childhood ) is contributing your  present low self esteem?

Some easy question is there to find out if your early experience is contributing the way you behave or feel about yourself. Please take your time to complete this worksheet.

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#2.2 Worksheet on self esteem - Find out – if our low self esteem is the result of our present negative experiences.

Almost all the time low self esteem come from our early experience. Anyway, in general people with good self esteem also  may suffer because of  having negative experiences in there later life.

This worksheet on self esteem has some easy questions to answer and know what causes our low self esteem -whether it is our present negative experiences.- Like-

  • bullied or intimidated at workplace
  • having in an abusive relationship
  • Experiencing financial problem for long period of time.
  • Continually doing hectic or stressful work
  • Shocking events, or life changing illnesses or injuries.
  • so on

#2.3 Worksheet  on self esteem -  find out, do you have any rules and assumption so that you feel good. and How  those things influence your behavior.

When negative beliefs grow among us, to keep on functioning or to protect our self esteem or feel good about ourselves, we begin to develop strategy, rules, assumptions or guidelines for how we should live our lives.

#2.4 Worksheet – find out, how your rules and assumption is guiding your behaviors .-

we know that, almost always, our rules & assumptions Guide our behaviors on a day-to-day basis. Say , one of your rules is  -”I must not make any mistakes at all.” This rule will guide your behavior -how? .. May be you will be very careful and check your work more than once , maybe many times So that nobody can criticize you. And thus you feel good about your self.

#2.5 Worksheet – is the Sum up of worksheet 2.1 , 2.2, 2.3, 2.4Related resorces

To get all Above  self esteem worksheets in PDF

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