How to Get Self Esteem By Listing Your Positives!

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low self esteem removing aproach positive listing imageIf you are given a blank paper and a pen and told to write something positive about yourself in short time, will you struggle to bring things to mind or it will be very easy?

  • Some people might struggle a lot to bring things to mind. This happens because low self-esteem.
  • Some Other people might have less trouble recalling positive things about themselves, but they might feel uncomfortable thinking about, talking about or writing about the positive qualities they have. they might consider it as an arrogant or false pride to show up.

In both cases, they are having problems with their self esteem. But to start acknowledging or remembering our positives, we need to write them down.

Why we need to acknowledge our positives?

As we know, one of the ways to have a good self esteem is to make list of our positive qualities and acknowledge those qualities in our daily life.

Who can be benefited from this positive listing approach?

Anybody can boost his or her self esteem because this approach is very easy to follow. woman, man, aged person, adolescent, young man and women, last but not the least children also can have benefit from this approach.

How to make the list?

Make a list of the positive aspects of yourself, including all your good characteristics, strengths, talents, and achievements, and record them on the worksheet or journal.

When you are writing something positive in your journal, make sure you-

1. Set aside a special time to commit to the task and carry it out. Don’t do it on the run,

2. Write them down on the worksheet provided or in your special journal, Write your positive qualities in your journal or worksheet

3. There is no limit. Exhaust all avenues and brainstorm as many ideas as possible. If you run out of steam, take a break. Come back later to it over the course of a few days, until you have a substantial list of your positives.

4. Get help if you feel comfortable to do so. someone whom you know would be supportive of you doing this, he maybe your family member or friend.

5. Is important that you re-read the things you write in your journal, reading them over and over with care and consideration. Reflect on what you have written at the end of the day, week, or month.

6. Watch out for negative self-evaluations or discounting your positives as “small” or “no big deal” or “not worth writing.”


Now, let’s get you started writing down all your positive qualities. Use the worksheet5  for practice

1st part-

Questions that can you ask yourself  are-

What are some of my achievements?

What characteristics do I have that are positive?

What do I like about who I am?

What are some challenges I have overcome?

and so on

write the answers in a worksheet or any paper

2nd part-

For each positive quality that you have written in answers of the questions, recall specific past examples that illustrate that quality of yours.

For each positive quality that you have written in your Positive Qualities Record, recall specific examples that illustrate that quality. Try to list as many examples as you can. Positive Quality Specific Examples that Illustrate the Quality

write the answers in a worksheet or any paper

3rd part-

write a daily journal like a below table.

Date What You Did During the Day Positive Qualities Shown
5 august 09
  1. clean the house floor
  2. played with my child in the evening
  3. so on
  1. home proud
  2. i m fun to be with
  3. so on
6 august 09

To get All the free practice worksheets visit TOP 10 Articles with Self esteem Worksheets

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  1. great post… list building can help you make it though bad spells


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