how to Challange Your negative core belief by experiment

how to Challange Your negative core belief by experiment

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here, we will identify and challenge our negative core beliefs by experiment. Before going to the topic, you should know little bit about negative core belief or cause of our low self esteem from my other article.

lets start now…

how to identify our negative core beliefs :

i think, it will be more easy to understand how you can identify your negative core beliefs ……. if i can give you an example.

.. say,  all of Kristina’s flatmates went to see  movie without her  and  she was not even invited . and these incident hurt hurt her a lot.  she felt neglected and bad.

now, To find her belief, she ask herself .. following questions ,

  • what intense thought she was having when she were feeling bad about not being invited and left behind
  •  and she asked herself why she were felling bad
  • or what was she saying herself
  • what does that say about her?

in her answer, she told following things like

  • her intense thought was - her flatmates don’t like her
  • she was felling bad-  as she began to think there  must be something wrong with her
  • she were saying herself – i am never going to have close friends or relationship
  • in answer of her last question  (what does that say about her?)  she answered i  am not lovable . 

in this scenario….. her last answer-   she is not lovable ….. is the negative core belief of Kristina.

like Kristina, you can ask similar questions yourself several times  and write down your answers find out your negative core negative belief.

now we will try to change this belief  ……

How to challenge our negative core belief by experiment

this below example worksheets will help you to to get idea how to challenge your core negative belief. ..check it out. and to get example and practice worksheet like this you can click the below image.

note:  you need to be be brave and creative when you challenge your negative core-belief by experiment.  you need to prepare your plan or make your strategy before starting your experiment


by the way,  is this worksheets are any help ? – you can suggest and comment too.

thank you


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  1. It is so important to find the negative beliefs within us so that we can change them to beliefs that empower us.

    So many people are slaves to their limiting beliefs and consequently live a life that is not to their liking.

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