How to control rage and anger !!

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Want to know how to control rage and anger ?

Here you will know how to control anger and channel or express it into more acceptable way.  Most of the time, we do stupid, self-destructive things when we are angry.

before starting- Some basics

.. there are 6 stages of our anger … you can know more here in this below video

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how to control rage and anger in few steps are given below

1. Figure out your triggers

Different people become angry for whole different reason. Find out your trigger that stimulate your anger feeling.

For instance , someone is angry when he or she hear a child talk with disrespect to  his parents.  For some other , it may be seeing messy kitchen makes him or her angry .

For one week every day try to write down what bothered you or triggered your anger and look for pattern.

2. Make a list of Believable reasons to be cool

You can make a list of personal reasons why need to stay cool and calm in some situations. It will help you to be clear and stay focused . this will help you to stay calm when you are angry.

For instance you can write- I need to stay calm …

  • so my children can learn some thing good from me.
  • so I will not break things which will take money and time to repair
  • so I will not alienate a close friend.
  • So on.

3.Take time-out

Take a walk whenever you are angry. Walk until you can think rationally. Don’t react listen to some calming music and so on ……. You’ll be amazed at the perspective you can gain for this small time out.

4. Deep Breathing and Muscle Relaxation for anger management

When we are angry our breathing rate and heart rate both increased. If you can learn to decrease or slowing your breathing and  relaxing your tense muscles , you can control our anger more easily. You can do that by breathing meditation . But it will not work properly if you practice it occasionally.

5. Reality check for Anger Management

People stop thinking clearly when they are angry. You can building good reality testing habits is to give up your assumption that your first impression of a situation is always accurate. do not believe that you must respond to the anger-provoking situation right away.

Most situations are flexible enough for you to take some time to gather yourself together, calm yourself down and really think about the situation before you must act. You might even take time to talk a troubling situation over with trusted advisers.

6. Anger Management Programs

Depending on your needs, you may choose to work with a counselor or counseling group to get control of your anger, or you may be able to do the work on your own using one of the self-study resources available.

  • individual or group Therapy
  • Anger management classes
  • Self study

Going deeper

Do you know there is some Positive sides of anger too?

  • It shows that we care and have a vested interest in what is going on around us
  • Anger can provide the courage and energy to defend yourself when you’ve been wronged.

for example, If you are a long suffering victim of domestic abuse, , and your anger finally reaches the boiling point so that it enables you to leave your abusive relationship, anger has been a truly positive force in your life.

anyway, if you have a great idea for anger management  than share with us  in comment section..

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  1. I found this site interesting because I work with children who have a difficult time managing their emotions. Especially anger. So I thought these steps and worksheets are helpful for them to learn steps and strategies to help them to cope with their anger. Thank you

    • Thank you for liking the site. so far i have added a anger worksheets for kids .. (in the download section which is under feeling worksheets.)

      have plan to add more worksheets in future.

      thank you

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