How to Take Compliments Assertively

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How Do you feel or response to others compliment?

If you feel very nervous and awkward and don’t know how to respond at all Or if you ignore others compliment completely, or if you change the subject or try to minimize the praise. or if  may become rude angry or aggressive to the others compliment . then this article might help you to overcome this problem.

In most above cases, others may think you as an unsocial person and you might feel embarrassed and your self esteem may suffer for not taking compliment properly.

When we can learn how to embrace positive feedback and accept compliments graciously, we open up the door for more positive thoughts and interactions, and we can actually start to BELIEVE them.

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Before going to our main topic- How to Take Compliments Assertively‘ We should know ..

Why Some of us can’t take compliment assertively ? what happened behind the seen

Some unhelpful thoughts play a big rule for this incident and which are given below

  • people who gives you compliments are being oily
  • They don’t really mean it. They are just trying to be nice with you.
  • They must want something back
  • It is too awkward to say something back.
  • If I accept a compliment it means I am being big-headed.
  • If I accept a compliment they may think I am vain.

But, what can you do to change these thoughts-

how you need to respond differently by cultivating More Helpful Thinking ..

you should think ….

  1. You need to believe that some compliments are genuine.
  2. People give compliments for a variety of reasons. Don’t waste a lot of time wondering why someone gave you a compliment. Just appreciate the fact that someone took the time to say something nice to you!
  3. Accepting the compliment may make the other person feel better too.
  4. If I start believing some compliments I may not feel so bad about myself.
  5. Accepting a compliment gracefully doesn’t mean I have to agree with it completely.
  6. Even if they are just trying to be nice that is still a positive thing and I can reply appropriately.
  7. You are just as entitled to receive a compliment as anyone else.
  8. Accepting a compliment does not mean that I am going to become big-headed. If that were the case I would already be complimenting myself!

Now let’s come to the main steps- How to Take Compliments Assertively

step1. you should look straight at the other person. If you don’t look at the person it may seem as if you don’t like them or don’t believe them.

step 2. you need to listen to what he or she is saying Without interrupting. Say “Thanks,” or something that shows you appreciate what was said

step 3. A compliment is intended to make you feel good. You should smile when receiving the compliment. . If you look down or away the other person may be confused or uncomfortable.

step4. . Remember to accept the compliment without trying to take the subject off yourself or feeling like you have to pay them back. This will make you feel more confident and let you grow to like yourself better.

Try these steps in front of a mirror as you may require some practice.. Imagine someone says something nice, then say “Thank you. That means a lot to me.” .. It’s often good to use the compliment to further conversation. “Thanks! I found it in on Amazon – it’s amazing what you can get there.” That way you’ve accepted the compliment and moved on to something about which you can both talk.

whats the recent compliment you got from others and how did you response..

- you can share in the comment section

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