Teenage Girls Self Esteem!

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Kayla sophisticated Do Teenage Girls  self esteem has anything to do with  parents?…..

Fortunately, parents have a huge impact on a teenage girl’s self-esteem-more than media.  their friends and and surrounding has big impact  too

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How can we stay connected to our teen so that they feel safe exploring their feelings with us? When they are faced with important issues, how can we encourage them to come to us with their questions?.

But before that we need to know about

Adolescent Psychology^

As her body changes, so does her thought process, and she may have difficulty adjusting with new people and new instances that happen in her life.  Always remember, even you were a teen once, she’s probably dealing with the same pressures as you were, may be even more.

here we will cover only few main teenage girls problems^

Body Image ,Eating Disorders and low self esteem relation^

Turn on a television and see ‘sexy’ celebrities such as Shania Twain, Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson baring their flesh. Teenage girls are quite often the victims of poor self-esteem and body image. Although the message of “girl power” is prevalent in today’s marketing messages, so is the irrefutable idea that “sexy” and “thin” are in!.

If you believe diets are just for adults, you will be shocked to learn that a. Diets are common among both teens and children. As a society, our obsession with thin is relatively new.

Video : how to handle body image problem

Depression : Symptom of Teenage girls self esteem problem^

Statistics show that depression affects more than one-third population of teenage girls in the United States. you can know about Depression and Low Self esteem has a relation!! here.

Dealing with Teenage girls Anger problem^

Emotions are in flux during adolescence and anger can be the most troublesome for teen girls.  sending your teenage child to a boot camp proves to be another significant option for teenage anger management. The most obvious anger management technique for teenagers is called behavior therapy.  Carefully reviewing a therapist to manage your teenager’s temper is crucial, as he or she will serve as the medium to set your child’s life in order.

what can you do about your teenage girls self esteem problem^

or the problem that have relation with low self esteem:

  • Check all the comments that you give your daughter. This is an age where a slightest remark can make her emotional and angry at the same time.
  • Give her motivational examples that encourages her to keep on trying and not get depressed on little failures. Let your girl join some sports activity.
  • The most obvious anger management technique for teenagers is called behavior therapy. your daughter can take help from a therapist.
  • for depression, anger or other symptoms are coming from body image problem than you should take care of the body image problem.
  • For more help  read>>>  10 Quick Tips To Improve Your Teens Self esteem! <<<
  • As told in the National Mental Health Information Center, things your daughter  or  any one can do in day to day life to raise self esteem is:
  • Take very good care of yourself- Pay attention to your own needs and wants
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods
  • Exercise- Taking a walk is the most common, you can run, dance too. Do as you like.
  • Plan fun activities for yourself. Learn new things every day.
  • Take time to do things you enjoy- things like playing a musical instrument, doing a craft project, flying a kite, or going fishing- Make a list of things you enjoy doing. Then do something from that list every day. Add to the list anything new that you discover you enjoy doing.
  • Get something done that you have been putting off- things like – Write that letter Clean out that drawer. Wash the window. Pay bill.
  • Every day try to Do things that make use of your own special talents and abilities
  • Dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself
  • Give yourself rewards-like tell yourself ‘you are a great person’ . Listen to a CD or tape.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to learn something new or improve your skills
  • Begin doing those things that you know will make you feel better about yourself
  • Do something nice for another person
  • Make it a point to treat yourself well every day
  • Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself
  • Make your living space a place that honors the person you are
  • Display items that you find attractive or that remind you of your achievements or of special times or people in your life
  • Make your meals a special time

you can also read my article read article Free Self Esteem Activities.

Yes there are many things to do…

Don’t be overwhelmed and don’t try to do or don’t tell your daughter to do stated every single thing in one day.. As  it is a lifestyle …and it takes times to  change ourselves.

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