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Self -Esteem Worksheets For Your KIDS

Use those printable worksheets To

Boost self esteem in your kids in home  or class room

Total 23 page worksheets are for download

worksheets are -

  1. How to Get Self Esteem by Listing Your Positives !  ( total 8 page )
  2. self esteem worksheets ( total 5 page )
  3. feelings worksheets with instruction (total 10 page  )

Sample worksheet that you are going to get when you buy these worksheets.

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1. self esteem worksheets ( total 5 page )

  • these worksheets will help you to know your kids self image or self esteem.

2. How to Get Self Esteem by Listing Your Positives !  ( total 8 page )

We sometime neglect our small good deeds or qualities;  and we  hardly remember our good qualities or activities after long time of the event.But we know, one of the ways to have a good self esteem is to acknowledge our qualities in our daily life.

  • these worksheets,  will help your kids to remember their good deeds and qualities whenever needed specially in bad days. or when they feel down. it will boost their self esteem.

3. Feelings worksheets with instruction (total 10 page  )

with this worksheets, you will be able to know

  • about different feelings (like fear, happiness, sad and so on ) of your child
  • What are the cause of those feelings
  • your kid’s thoughts about those feeling
  • How frequently your kids are having those feelings
  • how your children or kids deals with those feelings

when your kids or children complete the worksheets , parents or teachers will be able to help or support (if needed)

Total 23 page worksheets

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